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My name is Autumn, and I am 27 yrs old: I enjoy kickboxing, martial arts, boxing, working out, partying(not a crazed nut, but someone who loves to have a great), dancing, singing. I enjoy writing ranging from poetry, stories, screenplays, and etc. I have big love for 3D and everything pertaining to it, but I never really learned all there is to about it. I'd get stuck, and never know what to do to fix the problem, and this includes watching videos online. Now there are some good ones, and but I never knew the differences, and would contiue you just struggle with everything that I was doing. So Now I am on here willing to learn, and share art, and discuss anything. I am able to get along with anyone, and I am able to follow instructions, and I am very eager to learn. So please any instructors, please contact me. And any users, feel free to follow me, and we can learn together.

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