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  • Importing Blender Models

    Lesson: Importing Blender Models

  • Audio in Blender

    Lesson: Audio in Blender

  • Blender's Sculpting Tools

    Lesson: Blender's Sculpting Tools

  • Keying in Blender

    Lesson: Keying in Blender

  • Blender to Substance

    Quiz: Blender to Substance

  • Substance to Blender

    Quiz: Substance to Blender

  • Installing Blender 3D

    Lesson: Installing Blender 3D

  • Introducing Blender's Interface

    Lesson: Introducing Blender's Interface

  • Customizing Blender's Interface

    Lesson: Customizing Blender's Interface

  • The Blender Camera

    Lesson: The Blender Camera

  • Blender snowman trailer

    Lesson: Blender snowman trailer

  • Blender's Brush System

    Lesson: Blender's Brush System

  • First Steps with Blender

    Lesson: First Steps with Blender

  • Creating Blender Mesh Objects

    Lesson: Creating Blender Mesh Objects

  • Next Steps in Blender

    Lesson: Next Steps in Blender

  • Baking with Blender Render

    Lesson: Baking with Blender Render

  • Baking AO in Blender

    Lesson: Baking AO in Blender

  • What is Blender 3D?

    Lesson: What is Blender 3D?

  • What are Blender Themes?

    Lesson: What are Blender Themes?

  • Selecting Objects in Blender

    Lesson: Selecting Objects in Blender