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  • Fundamentals of Shading

    Course: Fundamentals of Shading

  • Creating Your First Shader Graph

    Lesson: Creating Your First Shader Graph

  • Snow Shader

    Resource: Snow Shader

  • Shaders 101

    Quiz: Shaders 101

  • Dynamic Snow Accumulation

    Exercise: Dynamic Snow Accumulation

  • Hologram Shader Concepts

    Lesson: Hologram Shader Concepts

  • CGC Shader Totem

    Resource: CGC Shader Totem

  • Using Sub Graphs

    Lesson: Using Sub Graphs

  • Shader Polish

    Lesson: Shader Polish

  • Hologram Shader

    Resource: Hologram Shader

  • Animated Shield Shader

    Lesson: Animated Shield Shader

  • Understanding Physically Based Shading

    Lesson: Understanding Physically Based Shading

  • Understanding Shader Structure

    Lesson: Understanding Shader Structure

  • Snow Shader Concepts

    Lesson: Snow Shader Concepts

  • Creating a Dispersion Shader in Cycles

    Tutorial: Creating a Dispersion Shader in Cycles

  • Scripting Vertex Animations

    Lesson: Scripting Vertex Animations

  • Using Shader Variables

    Lesson: Using Shader Variables

  • Shader Setup

    Lesson: Shader Setup

  • Nightvision Shader

    Resource: Nightvision Shader

  • Using Shader Properties

    Lesson: Using Shader Properties