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  • Finishing

    Lesson: Finishing

  • Finishing Cutouts

    Lesson: Finishing Cutouts

  • Refine and Finish

    Lesson: Refine and Finish

  • Block Out Finished

    Lesson: Block Out Finished

  • Finishing the Details

    Lesson: Finishing the Details

  • Finishing Basic Shapes (timelapse)

    Lesson: Finishing Basic Shapes (timelapse)

  • Finish Retopology Block Out

    Lesson: Finish Retopology Block Out

  • (Almost) Finishing the Face

    Lesson: (Almost) Finishing the Face

  • Finishing Base Colors (Timelapse)

    Lesson: Finishing Base Colors (Timelapse)

  • Finishing the Arm (Timelapse)

    Lesson: Finishing the Arm (Timelapse)

  • Short Film Character Production

    Course: Short Film Character Production

  • Finishing in Photoshop

    Lesson: Finishing in Photoshop

  • Finish Form Sculpting

    Lesson: Finish Form Sculpting

  • Finish Details (Timelapse)

    Lesson: Finish Details (Timelapse)

  • Surface Finishing Problems

    Lesson: Surface Finishing Problems

  • Finishing the Bump Map (Timelapse)

    Lesson: Finishing the Bump Map (Timelapse)

  • Finish Finalizing the Beard (TIMELAPSE)

    Lesson: Finish Finalizing the Beard (TIMELAPSE)

  • Tank Game Asset Creation Pt3 : Tank Shooting

    LiveStream: Tank Game Asset Creation Pt3 : Tank Shooting

  • Finishing the Body Mesh

    Lesson: Finishing the Body Mesh

  • Finishing the Swing Arm

    Lesson: Finishing the Swing Arm