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  • Box Mold

    Lesson: Box Mold

  • Rotating A Box

    Lesson: Rotating A Box

  • Building a Box

    Lesson: Building a Box

  • Box and Circle Select

    Lesson: Box and Circle Select

  • Rivet Weight Lift II

    Lesson: Rivet Weight Lift II

  • Stomp Jump II

    Lesson: Stomp Jump II

  • Rivet Weight Lift (Blocking)

    Exercise: Rivet Weight Lift (Blocking)

  • Building the box and final details

    Lesson: Building the box and final details

  • Rivet Jump II

    Lesson: Rivet Jump II

  • Model a House

    Exercise: Model a House

  • Building Blocks

    Exercise: Building Blocks

  • Animating with Object Constraints

    Lesson: Animating with Object Constraints

  • Stomp Jump I

    Lesson: Stomp Jump I

  • Rivet Jump I

    Lesson: Rivet Jump I

  • Rivet Weight Lift I

    Lesson: Rivet Weight Lift I

  • 1 Point vs 2 Point Building Boxes

    Lesson: 1 Point vs 2 Point Building Boxes

  • Rivet Jump (Splining & Polish)

    Exercise: Rivet Jump (Splining & Polish)

  • Rivet Weight Lift (Splining & Polish)

    Exercise: Rivet Weight Lift (Splining & Polish)

  • Introduction to Retopology

    Course: Introduction to Retopology

  • Animating a Robot Arm

    Exercise: Animating a Robot Arm