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  • Baking Utility Textures II

    Lesson: Baking Utility Textures II

  • Skin Color Overview

    Lesson: Skin Color Overview

  • Painting Skin Color Base

    Lesson: Painting Skin Color Base

  • Working Light Setup

    Lesson: Working Light Setup

  • Skin Material I

    Lesson: Skin Material I

  • Skin Material II

    Lesson: Skin Material II

  • Eye Material: Sclera

    Lesson: Eye Material: Sclera

  • Eye Material: Iris

    Lesson: Eye Material: Iris

  • Eye Meniscus

    Lesson: Eye Meniscus

  • Eyelashes

    Lesson: Eyelashes

  • Eye Tweaks

    Lesson: Eye Tweaks

  • Skin Texture Upgrade

    Lesson: Skin Texture Upgrade

  • Eyebrows

    Lesson: Eyebrows

  • Skin Specular Variation

    Lesson: Skin Specular Variation

  • Micro Skin Details

    Lesson: Micro Skin Details

  • Controlling Zones of the Face

    Lesson: Controlling Zones of the Face

  • Adding Skin Blemishes

    Lesson: Adding Skin Blemishes

  • Hoodie Material

    Lesson: Hoodie Material

  • Hoodie Fuzz

    Lesson: Hoodie Fuzz

  • Hoodie Draw Strings

    Lesson: Hoodie Draw Strings