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  • Splining your animation

    Lesson: Splining your animation

  • Gestural Block-In (TIMELAPSE)

    Lesson: Gestural Block-In (TIMELAPSE)

  • Shading the Body

    Lesson: Shading the Body

  • Body Blockout II

    Lesson: Body Blockout II

  • Dropping Coins with Rigid Body Physics

    Lesson: Dropping Coins with Rigid Body Physics

  • Week 2 Kickoff

    Lesson: Week 2 Kickoff

  • Rivet Weight Lift III

    Lesson: Rivet Weight Lift III

  • Stomp Kick II

    Lesson: Stomp Kick II

  • Collecting Reference

    Lesson: Collecting Reference

  • Stomp Jump II

    Lesson: Stomp Jump II

  • Stomp Jump I

    Lesson: Stomp Jump I

  • Rivet Weight Lift I

    Lesson: Rivet Weight Lift I

  • Week 3 Kickoff

    Lesson: Week 3 Kickoff

  • Ocean & Lake Demo

    Lesson: Ocean & Lake Demo

  • Stomp Jump (Blocking)

    Exercise: Stomp Jump (Blocking)

  • Stomp Kick (Blocking)

    Exercise: Stomp Kick (Blocking)

  • Animating a Robot Arm

    Exercise: Animating a Robot Arm

  • Bodies of Water: Introduction

    Lesson: Bodies of Water: Introduction

  • Grooming Body Feathers II

    Lesson: Grooming Body Feathers II

  • Grooming Body Feathers III

    Lesson: Grooming Body Feathers III