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Handgun Pack


Build Your Arsenal!

Included in this resource is a fully functional handgun for your next shooter. This handgun contains 4 different skins; gold, sand, black and bronze. It's ready to be used in game with scripts, audio clips and animations. Drop in a prefab or just open up the scene to test it out. Includes detailed script with plenty of customizable settings including range, fire rates, bullet spread, bullet impacts and even unique muzzle flash effects.


This resource contains a few different files for easy customization. It includes one Blend file which includes an exploded view of the gun, a magazine and a bullet shell. The texturing was done within Substance Painter 2 and contains a Substance Painter file which includes the handgun, magazine and bullet shell. Within these you can locate the folder for the various skin colors and duplicate these folders to add another skin type or just modify the properties currently available. Lastly the Unity project is included, just drag and drop it into your project panel and you'll have everything you need. Prefabs of the completed weapon are included along with a test scene to see how the final weapon works. Scripts include tool tips to better understand what is needed.

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This weapon comes from our First Person Shooter flow and is used extensively within the Fundamentals of Weapon Mechanics course.