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Epic Pumpkin Contest Winners

Hey everyone! 

After some tough deliberation the judges have picked their top entries for this contest. As cliche' as it sounds, it is always a really tough thing to do, and understand there were a lot of kick arse pumpkins submitted! Seriously, scroll the all of the entries to see the creativity flowing! 

You all should be very proud and feeling accomplished on what you created. Give each other a high-five and you have another project under your belt!

The winners have contacted and entries posted online: 

Again, thanks to all that participated, and we're super glad to have you a part of the Cookie family. Till the next one! 

First Place: 

Cyberpumpk by Edwin Hernandez

Second Place

Pumpkin Cat by Icesturm

Third Place

Pumpkin by Rafael Mendes

Honorable Mentions: 

Jack The Will-O'-The-Wisp by Glen Johnston

Pumpkin Candy Store by Kolya / Type-Q

I'm Scare by jorgeofig

Trick or Treat by Matthieu Dagmey

Jack's home by sirap

And many more! See you on the next one!