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Contests: Would Love To See More!

I'm sure most are aware of the pumpkin contest going on right now for 3D modelers, which is great btw! but it's left me wanting more. More contests, more frequently and not just for 3D. I know CGC has run contests in the past and I'd love to see some more, maybe even just once a month. Something to bring the community together and show off what CGC has taught us all. All this hopefully without interfering with more important work of course. 

Let me know what you think. Would you like more contests?

  • I would like more contests, but I would like them not during the months where there are classes, like this month.  Classes take a lot already and throwing a contest on top of that might be too much for certain people.  Not saying it couldn't be done, but participation would be less.

    But I've also signed up to several contest sites, so while CGCookie doesn't have maby contests, there are plenty outside of this site.

    • silentheart00 That would certainly be fair. As I said, I wouldn't want it getting in the way of the main work done here. In regards to other contest sites, perhaps i'm not looking in the right places but, I haven't found any that I could feel myself getting attached to (Not quite like I have with CGC at least).

  • Absolutely! But, as is seemingly common, I agree with Silent. Fortunately in the coming year classes will be less frequent as to let us recoup more, so more opportunities for competitions arise.

    I love 'em, give me a goal and some inspiration. Oh, and prizes! That's nice too. I personally don't feel I'm good enough to compete in a 2D or Unity contest (the hell would a Unity contest look like? A Game Jam?) but I definitely see the appeal in them too. The only concern is that they might run out of prizes if they keep doing them that frequently lol.