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Epic Pumpkin Contest - Discussion

Hey everyone! 

When CG Cookie first started we loved to host Pumpkin and Snowman contests. It was cool to see what everyone created with these given constraints. Of course using Blender was a pretty rad thing as well.

My favorite was the nod to the movie Aliens done in a pumpkin render. If somebody could find this, it would be cool to see again!

I missed them so much, this year we've decided to revisit the past, with the launch of our brand new Epic Pumpkin Contest! 

While nearly all the information and activity takes place on the Contest itself, I thought it would be beneficial to have an area for questions and general OMG this is amazing type comments. Plus we're a tad rusty on hosting contests. 🧐

In all seriousness, this is one of favorites and excited to see what you come up with this year. We've got a ton of awesome awards lined up for you and even some random chances to win by simply sharing your work on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #MyCookiePumpkin 

Best of luck and thanks for being a part of the Cookie! 

Contest Page:

Starts: Friday OCT 5th