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First Render Ever

Just found the first render I made. 

Then after watching some tutorials online, made the second one. 

If I could see life stats, I must've hit the render button thousands of times by now and maybe spent too much time seating in front of the computer. Maybe is not a good idea to see life stats. 

  • well, you could approximate the amount of times you've hit render for a pic then times the amount of projects you've done, add 20% for good measure and you have rough estimate. :)

    yeah, i agree, maybe not worth to go through that. :) 

  • crew

    This is a fun thread! I managed to dig way down deep to get my first renders. I can't remember the order these were created, but I know they were all done when I was in highschool desperately trying to teach myself about 3Ds Max 😅

    A bizarre idea to make the Master Chief dance to "Smooth Criminal" (Halo 2 was popular):

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

    A more appropriate MC animation test:

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

    Wow, I haven't looked at this stuff in a loooong time lol.

    • Well your first renders put my first renders to shame. My plan was to gradually step it up, model the Super Nintendo version of the R-Wing, then the N-64 and then the Game Cube one as I challenged myself a bit more each time. In your case nothing would top Smooth Criminal. 

    • crew

      These probably aren't the first first renders but they're the oldest I still have. BTW are the videos playable for you? They were yesterday when I uploaded but aren't today 🤔

  • I can't believe I found this. This was one of my first serious attempts at rendering. I think the need/drive to learn more started here.

  • My oldest project that I still have. My first attempt at a character