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VR games and videos on mac

Hello Im graphic design student and I want to create VR game for my bachelor work. But im using macbook pro is it possible to create game using mac and what headset I need to buy?

  • I was also confused about what should I do . and I got aspire 5 laptops it's great. I check it from a cheap gaming laptop post

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    Thank you Your Q

  • The same issue was encountered, but later that was fixed on iphone after reading this guide to Gio Whatsapp officially and that too even without jailbreak.

  • If there is still an issue, then the following image can help you more.

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  • There are many headsets available in the market. From Oculus to HTC VIVE etc. You can check this post for more info. I am pretty sure you'll be able to figure out the best VR headset. 

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