Omar Domenech (dostovel)

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Photorealistic Render Exercises

WIP of trying to achieve photo-realistic renders, specifically interiors. Next step is to do some interior design and start populating the scene.

  • crew

    Looking good Omar! I like how you're starting simple and working your way up. One step at a time. 

    The vertical lines on the front door feel a bit odd to me (I do like the square pattern on the other door though), and the door itself feels pretty narrow. Try putting a base mesh dude in there for scale and see where everything lines up. Are you working in real units and measuring these items as you go? Also any door that swings inwards will need some hinges. 

    Keep up the good work! 

  • Thanks for the feedback JL!

    That's affirmative, real world units and measuring the whole thing. I have a dummy human mesh I call Bistor for exactly that, to get a feel if proportions look correct. It's a small apartment, only 110Mts2

    I hadn't notice the hinges, I'll be adding them and other details in the next pass, then the hard part begins, letting the creativity fly and designing a comfy interior.  

  • Omar, this is amazing. When I see photo-realistic rendering, it is common to see fancy scenes, full of objects and reflections and effects and, sometimes these elements cause a sense of fake for me. Your renders are just perfect! I specially like the first picture where the floor reflection is showing some dirt. This is amazing! Congratulations. 

  • Looks very nice - realistic. Yes, now to populate it. You might start out as a bachelor pad: milk crates for seating; a couple comcrete blocks with lumber on top for a table or for a television; bean bag chairs; and a matress thrown on the floor. Sorry, I'mg oing back to my days just out of college. lol. But it would make for an interesting first scene - heeheehee