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Sketchbook - silentheart00

2019 Goals

Moving over the thread from the other site.  Didn't have a lot of things on there, so it should be easy.

Hi guys. It's been a few years since I've drawn anything seriously, and now I have a DND group with a diverse cast of characters as inspiration. My first project is my half-elf hexblade. Here's a rough face concept with base colors laid down. Feel free to really rip into my art as I need to learn how to handle tough critiques as well as know where I'm weak.

I need to make the ears less pointy as I forgot I was a half-elf. Also, can't seem to quite get that spiky punk hair I want, but I'm sure it'll work itself out in iterations.

Working on the hair, trying to see if I can get it how I want it to be. Been playing around with the chalk brush and I really do like it. My facial proportions might be off, like maybe need to lower the nose just a touch or just redo the nose entirely.

Critiques are welcome.

Armor concept silhouettes.

Found a posture online (terrible, I know, but needed something quick). I like the asymmetrical spikes along the figure more; brings an interesting movement and balance to the overall figure. Think I'll focus on pointy elements throughout the armor since the character can be a bit abrasive lol.

  • Second round of possible silhouettes.

    It feels like something is missing.  Can't quite put my finger on it....

    Critiques are welcome.

    • All of your silhouettes are quite similar in overall shape and are focused on detail (which hardly matters in a pre-planing phase like silhouetting). Don't be afraid to push the shapes out of the body's contour and get more variations between designs. Even if you think something wont work you might be surprised by the results when you try it, so try it!

      Best of luck, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  • A bit of a change of pace.  Value study.

    Waterfall, oil on canvas,  16x20 in.

  • Been painting with oils more.

    Day and Night, oil on canvas, 11x14 in.

    I wanted to play around with value expectations of what the sun looks like at different points in the sky.  There's also a bit of value shifting, which was something I was trying to be conscious of to practice that skill.  Not sure if you can see it, but there's some texture within the paint that I'm using to subtly move your eyes towards the circle.

    Critiques are welcome.

  • Resubmitted the pencil hardness exercise:

  • Remaking the Hexblade concept as I wanted to change the resolution from 72 ppi to 300.  Figured might as well practice being conscious of bone and muscle structure, too.  Critiques are welcomed.

    Whops, forgot to define the other ear more.  Next time.

  • Well, this sketchbook has been dead for a while.  Didn't mean to let it get that way, but sometimes life happens.

    I've  talked the talk (critiquing what I can here,) now I should walk the  walk.  I have to admit, I haven't drawn in a while, so I suck.  But,  like everyone here, I'm looking to improve and what better way to do  that then to do something.  So, I've entered a  challenge on ArtStation called "Beneath the Waves."  It's the  concept/preproduction phase, and I thought, "I'm going to enter, this is  a great excuse to draw, who cares if I'm crap.  This is for my own  improvement."  So, here I am.

    This is the  Character/Creature portion.  Here's my first couple of entries: a  mermaid and a vampire squid-esque thing.  Critiques are welcome.

  • Third humanoid.  Based on a feathered starfish.

  • Fourth humanoid, and you'll notice the jump in ability because, well, I cheated a bit.  I found a stock image online of the pose I had so clearly in my head, and I'm absolutely terrible at male anatomy.  Working on it, trying to be more conscious of it, but here we are.

    Based off an axolotl, maybe a warrior-type of humanoid.  Critiques are welcomed.

  • Decided to add some preliminary color to the first humanoid just to feel some things out.

  • Ah, nothing like the holidays to throw a monkey wrench into the works.  Nothing like realizing you're going to screech through the finish line of this challenge.  But hey, c'est la vie.

    I forgot I actually wanted to have the mermaid look like the rainbow snake instead, so I changed that.

  • Ah, going to be screeching into the deadline.  I have a tendency to flake on things, but I'm not going to flake!  I shall finish this!

  • This came to me in that twilight phase right before you fall asleep but aren't quite awake.  I've always had a fascination with wings, so why not make them out of coral?  Of course, they're non-functioning in the sense of movement, but there's just something.... ethereal about it?

    • I like how you just keep shooting ideas out. I'm getting thrown off by all this holiday craziness too. I really like your coral wings idea. Are you going with a soft coral because what was going through my mind was that it would be hard for your creature to move through the water if the coral was hard. I don't know, just a thought.

  • Colored Humanoid 5.  Went a little heavy on the colors but this humanoid is going to be lazing around coral reefs, so why not make it colorful.

  • The whole gang.  I thought the humanoids should have companions, and that would help influence their design.  Critiques are welcome.

    Top Left: Traveling over large stretches of foodless terrain, The Stalker silently hunts prey.  Next to it is The Stalker's companion.  It hunts with The Stalker and can provide shelter in emergencies.

    Top Right: Beautiful black scales that refract the light into a shimmer of colors, The Temptress is not all she seems.  Next to it is The Temptress's companion.  Its gold-like fins attract the attention of prey, which are then ambushed and eaten by The Temptress.  It can travel long distances to search for food.

    Bottom Left: A very small and fragile humanoid, The Concealed hides away in her Companion, caring for it as it cares for her.  Her Companion latches onto rocks or sturdy outcroppings and helps catch food for The Concealed.  The Concealed can also hide in it if needed.

    Center: Strong and lithe, The Fighter creates weapons from the molted bones of his Companion.  They battle others of their kind for riches and status.  The Fighter's Companion molts its bony structures in rotation providing The Fighter with a supply of weapon shafts as well as fights alongside its Fighter.

    Bottom Right: The Environmentalist is a very slow moving humanoid that takes care of coral reefs.  Her companion helps her check the health of corals.  A helper fish for The Environmentalist, it is small and can get into places The Environmentalist can't.  It has feelers to get into those really tight places and is extra flexible for those weird predicaments.

    • Nice job! I really like the backstories you have for each of them. It's cool that you made The Concealed's companion look just like her. It looks like it acts as a camouflage if she needs to hide. 👍

  • Hey!  It's been a while.  This past weekend I took part in the Global Game Jam, and here is some of the art from it.

    You can check out the game here:

  • First sketches of my half-elf Hexblade for the Weekly CG Challenge.  This challenge's them is wizard/witch or a magic user of some sort.  Hexblades are essentially warriors who use magic to enhance their combat.  This will most likely go through iterations, but I thought the challenge would be a good jump start needed for this project I forgot about.  Critiques are welcome.

  • Laying down some color.

  • I like this half-elf woman. The purpleish color scheme brings to mind a night elf from WoW, if you've ever played that. I'll keep checking out your iterations as you post! If I had any suggestions it'd be to experiment with some more poses, or maybe curve her torso just slightly more upright to counter the extreme forward lean. Idk, maybe it'd make it a little more dynamic, add a little more rhythm to the figure? Not sure how much of a difference it'd make but you give me feedback so I figured I would try and return the favor!

    Edit: also I kinda tilted my screen to line up more correctly with a ground line and wasn't sure about my comment anymore lol

    • Hey!  I appreciate it!  And those are all valid points.  I kinda just grabbed a quick thing as the contest ends in roughly 3 days and 7 hours, which is what this is for.  But this in't the final iteration.  I'm definitely not happy with it, but I'll hammer it out each iteration, I'm sure.  I'll be skating into the finish with this one lol.

      And once I am able to scrape enough money together, I'll take a look at that site you suggested!

  • Trying to stop thinking about the details so hard, but I get so excited.....