Wireframe Mode - Z

When I press "Z" , I do not get choices as shown on the tut. Mine just goes directly to wireframe mode as it did in the past. Should I be concerned? I don't mind not having those silly choices that popped up on your screen, but will these differences be an issue down the road?

Sorry for getting all questiony, so early in the stages here, but I'm one of those 2.79 peeps that is now jumped in to the deep end of the pool and am going to get this come hell or high water. So, I have some concerns. It's not life or death - it's just a curiosity.

At 5:08 in the tut

  • Yet again, another issue solved by having the correct Keymap chosen I guess. To me it's an extra click to go to Wireframe or Solid. Who cares about rendered or the other option. you had to make a click for it anyway. To me it's just another keystroke.

    Sorry for the complaining.