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12:15 Extruding to thicken the sides

12:15 I have watched the video over and over again for thickening the walls of the treasure chest, but no matter what direction I move the mouse, the walls always go out leaving the chopped out corner on each corner.  When I hit the G key after the E key - it is as if I now have two boxes that separate from each other.  I am doing something very wrong.

  • crew

    I'm not quite understanding your issue from the description. Could you post a screenshot?

  • I can't produce a screen print because I can't do it.  I go to extrude per the video - and the walls protrude out just like in the video.  But then the video has the wall protrude into the cube I can not make that happen, I can only protrude the sides out.

    • crew

      In the video I hit the E (extrude) key and the extruded faces moved up, which is default behavior. However I didn't want them moved up because technically that's a second operation following the extrude operation. To negate the second (move up) operation I clicked the Right Mouse Button to cancel it, BUT still keep the extrusion. After right clicking we can use ALT + S to push out or pull in the direction of the face normal which creates the thickness.