Gary Wright II (cleverthings)

1 answer · asked @ video mark 42:44 · LiveStream: Creating Simple Eevee Environments in Blender - Tutorial Series Part 1

In Blender v2.80 final I can't find some of the Material Settings you used

I'm sure I'm making a stupid newbie mistake (again) but using Blender v2.80 final release, I can't find the Material Settings you configured at 1:42:44 to change the Blend Mode to Alpha Clip. I checked the manual (yes, I try to find the answers before bothering you with a question) and it seems like those settings should be there. 

What am I doing wrong??? Here's a screenshot of what I see:

  • Okay, as usual I was making a stupid newbie mistake! Somehow my render engine got changed to Cycles instead of Eevee and so those options weren't there.  Setting my render engine properly gave me those options. I'll leave my question here in case it helps someone else....