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Tip: I think he meant Ctrl-Alt-S at 1:35 to Scale BBones

It would have been helpful to us newbies if the screencast had been on for these tutorials, because I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out what keys are being pressed because he moves so quickly. When he goes to scale the bones at 1:35 I believe he mistakenly says press Ctrl-Shift-S which is the Save File As shortcut on my system (v2.80 final). I finally realized the shortcut to scale armature bones is actually Ctrl-Alt-S or via menu under Armature -> Transform -> Scale BBone

  • crew

    Yes it appears I misspoke at that part.

    There's is also the tool over in the tool bar. 

    That will do the same thing.

    All of this will be covered in the upcoming Rigging Fundamentals.

    Thanks for pointing out the error Gary.