Comment, not a question

I just finished this course and I think you did an excellent job!

Making a course that is suitable for beginners and advanced users is extremely difficult.

Now, I do not know if this was easy to follow for beginners, (though I think it was pretty clear) but at least I, being more advanced, was never bored and even learned a few things. Great job Kent!

  • I just completed the course and really enjoyed following along. It took me about 10 days  (2-3 hours a day), but time flies when you're having fun. As a beginner, I got a good handle on the overall process of modelling and shading. I also learned a few shortcut keys. 😉

  • Yes it was great, especially the combination of the treasure chest course and the Sword. I probabbly would have had much more problems if I didnt already have the experience of the first Blender Learning Flow «Introduction to blender». The course was great for me as a beginner. :-)

  • As a beginner I must say it was excellent. A bit quick a times and having the video on the second monitor while working in parallel often caused me missing something, because he would say something ("now click on that") and immediately click it, before I even had a chance to look over so I had to revert the video a lot. But that is fine IMO as I can rewatch it as often as I want if I couldn't quite keep up.

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    Spikey, thank you. That's very encouraging to hear. Motivating too :)