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Some Differences in Unity 2019

I used Unity 2019.1.0f2, so there were some things I had to search the Unity forum for. Maybe useful for others:

  • Emission value (intensity) is no longer in the Inspector but rather in the HDR color picker popup.
  • "Post Processing" is installed through Window > Package Manager > Search for "Post Processing" and Install.
  • Antialiasing is in the "Post Process Layer" component.
  • Bloom, Screen Space Reflection, and Color Grading are in the "Post Process Volume" component, and you need to add each one separately with "Add effect ..."

Thanks for the exercise. I tend to remember the lessons better when they are applied to more hands-on specific examples like this one.

  • crew

    Yeah lots of small changes in Unity 2019. I'm actually working on an HDRP lighting course soon which includes a whole new lighting workflow in Unity 2019. I'll probably include a similar exercise to this but using HDRP and a different scene. 

  • Hi Jonathan, thank you for this amazing course. Do you have a link to the HDRP lighting course for the current unity version on this website?  Thank you and looking forward to your response.