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Left and Right Move reversed

After I added the camerafollow script to the camera, my navigation arrows switched places.  What did I do wrong?

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    When you click on the rocket with the move tool selected, the red arrow should be pointing to the right. If it's pointing to the left you'll need to rotate your mesh. The rocket from the Blender course may have the direction pointing in the opposite direction. Here it is by default:

    If yours is like this, then you'll need to rotate the child meshes as such:

    Make sure you rotate the child meshes and not the original parent. If you rotate the parent it'll cause issues with the movement. The parent cannot have any rotation, but the child meshes can be rotate 180 degrees. 

    This isn't something that was covered in the course so I apologize for any confusion this caused. If you have any other questions let me know. 

  • Thank you so much!  This has been my favorite course!  

  • When I did this it turned my rocket around where the window is now facing the back of the ship.  I went back into blender and made sure that I snapped everything to center and applied the location, scale and rotation.  I then reimported it back into unity. Here is what mine looks like.  

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    For the rocket used in the course, the window is actually a separate piece so the easiest solution is to make the window a child of the fuselage or something else and then you can rotate them together while keeping the same offset. Eventually all the mesh objects will be a child of another so you can do that as well. 

  • Whew, it's working now!  After rotating the children of the rocket, I aligned the camera view to the other side of the rocket.  I also moved the planets to the opposite end of the moon surface.  I played the game and it is working now!  

    Thank you so much for all your help.