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Importing Assets

I created my own model of a rocketship.  I exported it as an fbx.  What format was used for the rocket in the download provided to us?  

I created the same features, the mesh colliders, added the health and rocketship scripts.  I also changed the target in the camera follow script.  My rocket however is falling through the launch pad.  Please help me.

  • crew

    The models are all FBX types. The reason why it's falling through is probably because the launch pad doesn't have a collider. Since the rocket has a collider and a rigidbody it has mass, so unless it runs into another collider it'll just fall through it.

  • The launchpad collider is on.  It has something to do with the five seconds that it waits to start.  It falls down into the launchpad sits there for five seconds and then takes off.  

  • crew

    I would need to see how you have your colliders setup. The rocket has two colliders, one for the main body and one for the fins. If the launchpad has a collider and all your rocket colliders are setup properly the next thing to check is if your colliders have "is trigger" checked on. If this is checked on the colliders will not act as solid objects. Another you could enable is "convex" on the mesh colliders on the rocket. Sometimes mesh colliders can act weird when used with a rigidbody if this is not enabled. Outside of that I'd have to look at your project to see what the issue is. 

  • I turned the gravity off of the rigidbody set to the rocket and it worked!