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Isn't it bad practice to scale without going into edit mode first?

Maybe you'll cover this in a later episode.

  • (Cross-referencing this excellent answer by Grant.)

  • aubrie Typically when making use of modifiers it is important to keep a uniform 1,1,1 scale for X,Y,Z on your objects that are in Object Mode. This holds true for using things such as the Array Modifier. You will get weird results if the scale is non-standard in object mode. A quick way to fix that is to just 'apply' the scale back to 1,1,1. But just make sure to save before experimenting and playing around.

    A general rule of thumb for beginners is to not do much transforming (translating, rotating, or scaling) on objects in object mode when working with modifiers to build your object mesh. There are always exceptions to this rule, but keeping to it as a beginner has saved me countless headaches and head-to-desk pounding when my model isn't 'behaving' the way I want it to as I am making use of a mirror, array, or similar modifiers.

    Editing the scale of an object in edit mode typically makes the most sense for me when I am working with modifiers but at the end of my modeling I have found that I often move the scale on some objects in object mode and then just apply the scale at the end of the day too.

    Hope that helps a little.