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What exactly do you mean by "Heavy compression" is more "accurate?

I assume this means something is lost during compression and you lose more of it during "light" compression presumably because it's faster it doesn't process nearly as much, but I can't quite figure out what would be lost. I mean, the whole point of baking is so you don't have to calculate anything again, if I'm understanding things correctly, so does compression force you to have to re-calculate portions of the simulation when you reload the cache? If that were the case, why would "heavy" be more accurate if it also makes the file size much smaller than "light?"

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    Hey bbioman250 , great catch! I'd actually take that statement back as I was mistaken at the time. Nothing is lost. Heavy compression just takes more time but results in a smaller file size, while light compression is fast and results in a bigger file size. Hope that clears things up, and I'll be sure to not make that mistake again when updating the course!