1 answer · asked · Lesson: Adding Decals to 3D Models with Blender

Is there a way to avoid stretching the decal?

If you imagine the decal is a sticker it would not project exactly as in this video. Is it possible to maintain the exact size without any stretching?

  • ccoder2012 That is correct, thanks for bringing that up. It depends on the situation and on the "angle of attack" of the decal (so to speak).

    For cases with one radius, like a beveled edge, ideally try having the decal placed perpendicular to the radius of the bevel to minimize deformation. The stretching also depends on the sticker/radius size ratio: a small sticker on large radius will show no deformation (or barely visible) for example. You can manually scale up or down the UV mapping of the decal along a specific direction once it's projected too.

    For corners or more complex curvature, an actual decal could actually fold and wrinkle if too big compared to the radii. This workflow doesn't mimic wrinkles or folds, but again you can minimize the stretching by placing properly the decal before projecting it and being mindful of the sizes. You can finally tweak the UV mapping afterward.

    I hope this helps, let me know if there's anything unclear!