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Hard sculpting rescources

Any suggestions for other courses or materials for hard surface sculpting? This part of the course really messes me up. The thigh guard is pretty easy, but the arms in the later parts are super hard to sculpt edges and get round curves like I want. You make it look so easy! I'm wondering if you have suggestions to help learn?

I also watched your sci-fi weapon series. That helped a bit, but not only was it an older blender version, but I still had troubles getting the sculpt to look sharp with its curves. The flatten brush is not my friend haha

  • crew

    Yikes, both courses and the workflow is still messing you up? Sorry to hear that..

    I think my best advice for hardsurface sculpting is to not expect perfection. You could lose a lot of time trying to get perfect hard edges and flat surfaces, but it's not worth the effort. In both courses I sculpted only until I could retopologize it cleanly. The retopology is where perfect hard edges and surfaces happen.

    With that in mind, I really only use the flatten brush, grab brush, pinch brush, and crease brush, and smooth brush when sculpting hard surfaces. With a complex character like this, it's the same strokes and techniques over and over. The flatted brush by itself is an imperfect brush. I often use it in conjunction with the smooth brush.

    I hope some of that helps.