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Potential big screw up

So I think the texture atlas really screwed things up for me? Im not to sure what's going on. On the first layer I have my high poly, sixth layer I have my decals. On my second layer is my low poly after before the FinishManualUnwrap function. And on my 3rd is after the unwrap. For some reason my objects stuck together, and I believe that just completely nullifies the normal process im about to go into. If I have to do UV's again I may just drop this entirely LOL, I dont want to go through that again. Is there anything I can do! I really want to finish this...  Is there a potential dropbox link for the blend? (Sorry for the really stupid and long complicated question) Thank you

  • crew

    Hey aabraxocleaner , you shouldn't need to unwrap it again! I'm not sure how they got joined together, but you can always hit P -> Separate by Loose Parts to make them all individual objects again. Then, use Ctrl+J to join back together anything that should be one object. 

    Also, the blend files are available in the download button right below the video if you need 'em!