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Errors When Start Package Loaded

Warnings?  Errors? ... a lot of red text.

Most of it referencing prefabs that don't exist. I also was forced to load TextMesh Pro since I didn't have it loaded already.

[NOTE:  I removed this from the next lesson. Didn't realize the player had already skipped ahead.]

  • crew

    I apologize for the confusion. The starting files had two scenes that are used in the course and I removed all the prefabs from that package for those of you that want to start building them yourself. The scenes were kept in, which had references to those assets which is why they showed up red.

     Text Mesh Pro will need to be installed once you get to the UI lessons. It's a separate package (from Unity) and is included.  Whenever you try to create text mesh in Unity it'll prompt you to install it. I discuss this process within the lesson that uses Text Mesh Pro. In your case it asked you to install it because there was text mesh pro being  used in one of the scenes.

    I have removed the scenes and placed one empty Sandbox scene to start off with so you shouldn't have any issues like that again. I would recommend removing all the old folders in your current project or create a new project to avoid any conflict issues with the new project files. The new project files have been uploaded, let me know if you encounter any other issues or you have questions on anything else. Thanks!

  • Thanks. I deleted everything and started over. No errors this time.

  • crew

    Great, let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!