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Flickering effect when moving camera in EeVee

Interesting tutorial, great to see more tutorials pop up that already work in 2.8. Good to know you can create material setups like this too even in Blender, and not just in Substance Designer etc. Just a question though, when I look around in the viewport using EeVee I get this flickering effect. It's not showing up in Cycles.


I fixed it by setting the Z value in the last two 'Combine XYZ' nodes to 0. I'll have to rewatch the video to see if I went wrong somewhere

  • Thanks for the feedback numbernine !

    Yes, I can observe the flickering too in some cases. As far as I know eevee is still struggling a bit with bump map. Ethan explains in a bit more in details here. The maths nodes also may make it harder for eevee to compute the whole shader, perhaps.

    I tried your trick with the Z axis and could still observe some artifacts in the viewport unfortunately. Hopefully this will be fixed in future releases !


  • 2.8 is still way too unstable for me to do any of these EEVEE workflows here at Cookie, unfortunately. This is VERY frustrating as I just get to sit back and wait for it to be fixed all the while biting at the bit to do dive into it and do some awesome tuts like this one! :( 

    • This workflow works very fine with 2.80, it’s not version specific as all the nodes used were already present in 2.79 and earlier versions. As mentioned before it’s Eevee’s current limitations that can be a hinder. As long as you use  Cycles you should be fine :)

  • I had the same flickering problem in 2.82. I set the z scale value to zero in the mapping node and the problem went away.