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How to pack UV for multiple objects as one big Uv?

Hi , I'm just jump in game dev , so a little confused.
Not sure that my question is related to video , but need help from expirienced person. 

I have many models which i have unwrapped UVs, i keep them as many OBJ files .
So i want to have one big Uv for all this models and as result want archive separate map for each of channels.

for unity i want to export them as fbx files whihc will use the same map for all exported fbx models. 

For example :   model1.fbx  - have car#1 . model2.fbx- have car#2  and for all these models i want to use one UV , and one big 2K/4k maps (normal , albedo etc)  so in unity all imported models will refres to the same maps .

How  could i  archive this taken into account that i already have them separatelly UV unwrapped ?
How i will able to create such UV to have all their parts ( i mean combine / pack them all)?
How i need to export car#1  for draw textures in Painter ( i supose there should be big uv where only part should be suitable for texture draw)?

In any case thanks a lot for video and help )

  • crew

    Sounds like you need to watch this lesson. The main idea is with Blender and the "Texture Atlas" addon you can temporarily combine all desired models into one object for the sake of laying out their UVs in the same space. Then when you're done, the addon will re-separate the models into their original individual objects with the new UVs that belong in the same space.