Jeffrey Bright (locustlab)

2 answers · asked · Lesson: Creature Design with Silk

Hey! Did you know there is a program thats free for download and has many more features than this?

It is called Alchemy. Look at this website to see the actual program. it allows for the same style of editing, as well as not having to be online to do so! Didnt know if you guys knew about it :)

  • Hello Jeffrey! Thank you for sharing! The Weave Silk website is free, the app is not. In this case, I used the website. Alchemy does a lot of cool things, as do many other apps like Procreate or Art Rage, I was just sharing a process with Silk. However, other apps do not play inspirational new age music while experiencing the brushes. Hah! ;) The goal was to get interesting and unique shapes, and that can be achieved in many ways. 

    • Thanks for the response, yeah, I found out about Alchemy a few years ago. Its an excellent source of the style of files you see here, with even more ways to come up with non conventionally used shapes. Glad I could be of help to another user in the future, since the program itself is free and will always be, although I suggest a donation, since it has been useful for about 7 years now!