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Do you put the movement into the animation?

So, in general, do you put the movement into the animation itself (I am importing my animations made in Blender) or is it better to code the movement in the script?

Or does it really not matter? I was just wondering since moving the entire character within the animation also sets off the mesh from the origin and I can imagine that leading to some issues.

  • crew

    It depends on how you're using it. For general character movement, then no. While it may seem great at first, you're limited to the movements of the character's animations. So usually movement animations are done in place and controller using a character controller of some sort to essentially play animations, but control him physically through the controller. 

    In certain instances you may want the player to actually move themselves through animations, possibly through a cutscene or special event in your game.

    • Ah okay, I was just a bit confused because your character started moving across the plane right away, which I guess is like a standardized thing that the animator controller does.

      Thought it would require some scripting to get it to actually move along with the animation clips.