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Perpetual Character Movement issue

In my current version of Unity (2018.2.6f1), the First and Third Person characters (humanoid and vehicle) from the Standard Assets Packageare are controllable via WASD keys, but they immediately  execute  continuous movement  to the left as soon as the Play button is pushed. They respond to key input but will not stop and rest in place, instead they go left and do not stop. Is this a bug or is there a setting or script I can input to put a stop to this? Thank You -

  • crew

    I've had this issue before when I was using a Xbox controller for testing. Moving the joystick would often not reset back to center (input wise) for the character controller so it would always be slightly moving in one direction. I'm not sure why it's present, but you can modify the Input settings for the Horizontal axis by going to Edit>ProjectSettings>Input, then locate the "Horizontal" input from the input manager. 

    There are three main settings you can tweak to see what works for you. The Dead will determine the "center" of the input. This works better with a joystick, but essentially that is the center of the joystick and it'll determine then that there is no movement detected. Sensitivity and Gravity can also affect this as well. Try a higher Dead value, with a higher value (very small increments).

     Sensitivity will affect how sensitive the input is, so it's possible with a very low sensitivity that the issue may be resolved. 

    Gravity will determine how quickly the input returns back to zero or the "dead zone". 

    Hope that helps!

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