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In your final example was the vector displacement map taken from a laser scan?

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    Ya know, you might be able to. I'm not very familiar with laser scanning, so I'm not sure how it works, but I suppose that could be a possibility!

  • Thanks for replying, but couldn't you obtain scans from multiple angles and then create a 3d map from the results like using Reality Capture from your last video on using a drone?

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    Vector displacement maps are usually baked from a high resolution model onto a low resolution model. It would be hard to capture a vector displacement map with laser scanning because the laser would be blocked by any overhang in the scanned object's surface. The only scanning that I believe could be practically baked to a vector displacement map is photogrammetry, as you could scan the object, then retopologize it, and bake the vector displacement map from the scan to the retopologize mesh.