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Beveling not working properly on nosecone Blarggggh (RESOLVED - Blarrrg again)

When I go to Bevel the nosecone edge with the body, the beveling only goes in one direction (inward to the extruded piece. The beveling works just fine on the body of the plane (goes outward in both directions of the edge loop. Any ideas would be extremely helpful.

Not sure why I post questions. Right now it's therapudic I guess, because it seems an idea hits me and I wind up solving it shortly thereafter. Out of desperation, I decided to add a proximity loop just behind the offending loop and then delete the offending loop and THEN I SAW IT!!! There was a second loop already there preventing the bevel from moving in the opposite directon. BOOM goes the dynamite - now it works

  • crew

    The duplicate loops typically come from not pressing Undo after cancelling an action. This seems counter intuitive, but the reason this happens is that many actions, such as Extrude, are actually macros in Blender. For example, when you press E to extrude Blender first extrudes the selection and then places that selection into Transform. When you press RMB/ESC to cancel you're only cancelling the transform, not the extrude. Thus you need to cancel and then also press Undo or else you'll be left with duplicate geometry.