Cube is rotating only around z axis

Did exactly as in video ,  selected cube , pressed R . Cube is rotating only around Z axis . On the lower right part of the screen in "Rotate" Constraint Axis "Z" is selected . I have deselected it , but every time I try to rotate cube is constrained by Z . Why ? 

I have performed a factory reset twice . I can rotate in different axis if I press X, Y Z during rotation . But I cannot rotate as shown in video by dragging red , blue or green manipulators

For all those who have similar problem it seems that this is an Intel graphics card issue for mobile processors 

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    I think I saw the same thread you did, regarding the Intel graphics issue. I can't seem to replicate the issue myself, so I'm guessing it is a hardware issue. One user in that thread did mention that they had success by switching Blender over to run on their GPU instead of their CPU. If your system does have a GPU in it, you may want to give this a try. This process will vary depending on what type of graphics card you have.

    If you don't have a GPU in your system, I think you'll have to stick to hotkeys until this bug is fixed. On the bright side, you'll get really good at using hotkeys! They're super important for Blender, and knowing them well will put you way ahead of other learners.