Arian Rosales (barbaarian)

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¿Noise in dark areas?

Hi there!

I think I have a problem (not sure why) with the dark areas of the image, they seem to have noise or something like that, but it looks like it was dirty.

This is the render:

You can see that the right side of the wall and the bed have this weird effect. I checked the clamp on the sampling tab and I have them both on 0, but I'm not sure if it has something to do with that. I also have the denoising tab active.

Hope you can help me!

  • crew

    To me that looks like a denoising result that doesn't have enough samples. This is extreme, but a render with 2 samples doesn't give enough info to the denoising algorithm for a clean result. Therefore I would suggest increasing samples.

    What's your samples set to?

  • I had 500 samples. I tried with 1500 and the result is better, but I don't know if it could be even better without increasing more the samples, this last render took me 30 minutes to complete.

    It looks like that was the problem, but if you think I check other parameters, just let me know.


    • crew

      That looks a lot better! And honestly, 30 minutes for an low-light interior rendering isn't bad. Interior renders are notoriously with render time.

      But I'm sure you could play around with denoising settings + render settings in an effort to optimize render time and result. I haven't played around too much with denoising but when I have I end up resorting to the defaults.

      If you decide to play around with the settings, please post your findings here! No doubt it will be very helpful to others in this situation.