Benson Chiang (bensonwin)

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1 Question about marking seams to sharp edge.

Some edges is not shown to be sharp edges when I clicked the "sharp edge" button (auto searching sharp edge function) but I still marked them as sharp edge. so my question is are they also need to be mark as seam in the UV process even though the system told me they were not sharp?

  • sorry for 1 more question, after i press the FinishManualUnwrap for some modeling adjustment, when I go into StartManualUnwrap again all my seams are gone except the unwrapped UV, so what should i do to see the seams again?

  • crew

    Hey Benson, if the edge is sharp then it needs to be a seam as well, regardless of whether you marked it as sharp manually or it was set by the system. 

    what should i do to see the seams again?

    I've never run into this before, so it might very well be a bug. Try using the same version of Blender as in the video and see if it still happens.