Benson Chiang (bensonwin)

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About the bevels modifier

It's the first time I use the bevels modifier and when I watching the adding bevels pt2 I have a lot of questions. Some edges is not sharp edge but you still mark it as sharp and add bevel in it (time 0.32) , but some edges are smooth in the part 1 video, in the same situation, you bevels them in this video(time 0.42). Therefore, I don't know when should I mark them in sharp edges and should I bevel the smooth edge as well.

  • crew

    Hey Benson, great question. In this case you could do either one - whichever you think looks better. I think I beveled the second section and not the first because the angle between edges was a bit greater and it didn't quite make a smooth curve. 

    Since this is the high poly object, adding extra bevels in the smooth sections won't effect your unwrapping, so it all depends on what you think looks best.

    Hope that clears things up!