Siarhei Kukresh (memesrnoice)

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muzzle flash doesn't play when I shoot, on its own.

Dear CgCookie,

Hi! For some reason my gun just shows the muzzle flash not when I fire, but while i'm in idle or playing the reloading animation.

From Ivan.

  • crew

    Make sure the particle system of the muzzle flash is not set to "Play On Awake". It's a checkbox in the first section of the particle system. Either that, or after you first fire it stays on and you're not turning it off again. 

    I might also suggest using a single image as a muzzle flash. Previously I used particle effects for it, but sometimes these appear on screen so quickly that it can cause issues getting them to play properly. A single image of a muzzle flash appearing on screen when you fire then disappearing afterward would be better. Just rotate/scale it randomly every time you fire. 

  • Changing the Start Lifetime of the particle system worked for me.