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Hi! I'm having trouble cutting the parts of my sculpture. The plasticine has cooled and the wire breaks. Thanks in advance. Google translator, sorry.

  • crew

    Hi Daniele!

    What you can try is heating a utility knife, or better some type of exacto knife, as these blades are usually pretty thin. I don't know what kind of plasticine you are using, but usually they melt when exposed to heat, so a hot blade to cut up your sculpture could be the solution once it has cooled down.

    This is what I do when I need to cut (hard) Castilene or Cx5 once both materials have cooled down, because you can't use a wire cutter with those two either.

    • I'm using the Monster Clay, medium hardness.Is it the right one? I know that there is also the soft version. Which one do you use?