Alexander Whyles (adotbleak)

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Texture Atlas finish unwrap lost all my UV's

Hi Jonathan!

Thanks for an awesome course so far. Really happy with everything I've learned so far. 

I've encountered a problem when finishing my manual unwrap. All but two of my objects lost all the UV data and the islands and seams all reset. Hours lost to this. 

In short... I select all objects - Hit manual unwrap - Select sharp edges - Mark seam - Unwrap - Scale and arrange islands - Hit finish unwrap - Lose all data and islands reset apart from 2 objects which keep it? 

Hope you can help! 

  • crew

    Hey Alexander, that sounds like a huge bummer! Hopefully all is not lost. Check the Data Properties and see if there are any other UV maps for those objects. The texture atlas addon should create a new UV map, and there's a chance that the wrong map is set to be rendered (camera icon). 

    • Thanks for the quick reply Jonathan! 

      Unfortunately this wasn't the issue. I think it was because I had made changes to the mesh during the manual unwrap phase. Rather than finishing the unwrap, making the changes and starting the manual unwrap again (like you had mentioned in one of the lessons). 

      Sorry to waste your time and thanks again for the awesome course. 

    • crew

      Hey no worries, and I'm glad you're enjoying it! Definitely post the result when you're finished :)