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Can't we just use blender's smart UV project?

Hi Jonathan,

I am following this course and I find it very useful. Thanks.

Now, you know the one thing that I hate is UV mapping. I mean I really hate it. I have so many models sitting in my hard drive just because of this reason.

Can we get the same results (at least closer results) with blender's smart UV project?

  • crew

    You can use it if you really want, but you won't get anywhere near the same quality of results unfortunately. There's no auto-unwrap out there (Blender or otherwise) that works as well as doing things manually. It'd need to:

    • Scale UV's based on distance from camera
    • Mirror some UV's but not others
    • Pack multiple objects at the same time 

    So if this is just a project for fun then use what you'd like, but if you're planning on using this in a game and need it to look really good while using as little memory as possible, you'll have to go manual. To be totally honest I was listening to music or watching TV while I was unwrapping, since it is quite monotonous. 

  • Thanks for the reply Jonathan, I think I will move to texture baking and texturing then with the auto UVs.

    I will share my results so, let's see how bad it will look :D