Paul Kepp (shamanik)

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Sharp edges have a use besides edge split modifier?

I have. Quick question. What are other uses for Mark sharp? I see you use this on the gun handle but I thought sharp edges were only for the edge split modifier.

I'm trying to understand the relationships between levels, creases, sharp, autosmooth and all that.

Creases are only for effecting subdivided geometry right? Every video I look up about Mark sharp only mentions edge split modifier. Does this have another use?

  • crew

    Hey Paul, when you have Auto Smooth turned on, Mark Sharp enables you to manually define which edges are split (as in split normals, not literally separated like the edge split modifier). 

    What this allows you to do is have flat shaded faces with smooth shaded bevels - something that's not possible any other way. For more on that, you can review these lessons: