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How do you fatten the detail on the magazine at 8:40? ALT+S and S dont give a flat bottom like shown in 8:42 and make the geometry weird and uneven..

Also, at 9:49, why do you add so much geometry going up into the handle from the bottom nub at the end of the magazine? I don't see what the reason for this is. No one is going to see it. I really wish this section had some advice in it instead of just timelapse and music.

  • crew

    Hey, thanks for the feedback!

    At 8:42 I did use Alt+S, and the header shows the shrink/fatten options during the operation. If that makes it uneven you could try bringing out the sides manually by setting the orientation to Normal and the pivot point to Individual Origins. 

    I added more detail at 9:49 since during the game you'll have to unload and reload the clip, so that part will slide out and bee seen. 

    Hope that helps clear things up! If you have any other questions, just let me know.