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FKH Asset Progress

Hey, Jonathan!

Just another heads up on progress. 

Due to earlier issues with Boolean op and snapping (still not sure on either of those, yet) I was forced to make a couple of minor redirects but I think the liberties I took (around the barrel) should be fine since we're retoping, anyway! At least, that's what I'm hoping!! Normally, I'd have a question on both items but I've revisited both areas in a test procedure and they both worked fine so I'm guessing ignorance on the user's part! Worst case scenario, I gotta scrap and rebuild from scratch but that's just more opportunity to refine and further learn!!

Thanks again and have a good one!!


  • crew

    That's looking great Forrest! Love your positive attitude :) If you're still having trouble with snapping, just let me know. I may not have gotten a notification, so just @ mention jlampel so I see it.  

    • No worries, Jonathan! I didn't hit you up previously and did come to realize my issues were a product of general ignorance on my part but I believe everything's back to normal, now! As for my positive attitude, it's much easier to handle problem solving when you have a solid course laid out in front of you! Big props to you, my friend, for such attention to detail and a steady pace! I'm finding this very enjoyable!!