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Fog Not Working, Shadows No Longer Cast

Went through the video about 10 times & still can't get something right. My settings are a little different than yours but I stuck to the tutorial methods very closely. The fog has never looked right & the scene shading doesn't look very similar to yours. Your viewport looks far better than my fully-rendered 90% product. The lighting & shadows of surrounding trees has never been good, the trees look dull whereas I can see a gradient of shadows on your tree trunks, clear god-rays through fog. My shadows aren't even in the scene. What's happening here?



Here's a link for the .blend:

  • crew

    Hey cgwooky ,

    I had a look at your file, 

    1. Your render engine is set to Cycles, instead of Eevee.

    2. You have a light path node plugged into the color socket of the emission node of the sun.

    3. Your tree material, has None selected for the shadow mode in the materials settings. You can change this by selecting the tree object, go to the material tab in the properties panel, scrolling down to settings.

    It maybe worth revisiting the tree material and its settings.

    Hope this helps

  • Awesome,  I can change all of those pretty easily, thanks!