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Assigned Group Not Respecting Selection

Now that I've assigned the vertex groups to their respective bones, their are parts of the gun mesh that are not a part of the selection which are being effected when I move one of the bones. I select one face from one of the five scope flaps & click "ctrl + L" on the hinges & the flap itself, then click "assign". One I do that, I go into pose mode & the bone ends up effecting parts that have nothing to do with the group I assigned. I go into weight paint mode & their is indeed other parts of the mesh that have paint on them. When I try to weight paint to correct it, the brush doesn't do anything to one of the verticies. I have verified 100 times it's not part of the group I assign, what in the world?

  • Can you post a link to your .blend file? 

    (Via GoogleDrive, Dropbox, or any other cloud service...)

    • ccgwookie the simplest way, I think, is to go into Edit Mode and remove the problematic parts from the Bone group:

      That should fix it:

    • That fixed it! Thanks

      Just buggy, that the same selection I used to assign is the same selection (inverted) used to remove

    • It's not buggy, but you maybe understand it wrong...when you assign a selection, it adds that selection to what already was assigned; it doesn't 'override' what was already assigned and make the new selection the only thing assigned!

      This is actually a desired 'feature', when you want to add some Vertices with a Weight of 0.5 to an already existing selection with Weight 1, this would be pretty hard if your previously assigned selection would be 'destroyed'...

      When assigning Materials to Vertices, this also becomes very important.

    • Could be, it's just that many parts were never added to the vertex group, yet they became a part of it. The 2 nail-heads on the strap-clip I only assigned to the "cover" group, yet they became part of another vertex group, so then I have to cycle through all the vertex groups & "remove" it even though it was never assigned there.