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Problem with my rocket.

Ok, here's the dealio. i followed the tutorial; however steered off course particularly when it comes to scale. (blender Units)

I tried to make it a bit different, succeeded to a degree... now my issue is that i get clipping at the bottom of the rocket; clipping probably due to scale, and or because i didn't follow the tutorial as i was supposed to.

I don't mind starting again; it isn't a big deal since i have learned a bit from this pursuit; and will follow it to the letter this time round.

However if it can be saved, then great. if not then rip my bottle rocket. ;(

It looks fine from the orthographic view standpoint; looks centre etc. 

    • ttomethe The bottom view in your posting above shows (yellow circles) that parts of the rocket reach beyond the outer limits of the launchpad:

      So, I would make that launchpad bigger. The orthographic view (top screenshot in your posting above) doesn't take care of how far away objects are from your viewpoint. That's probably why you can't see the existing intersections.

    • Thanks for the Help! Sorry it took a long time to reply..  i did get past it, eventually dragged the vertices down which formed this 'decorative' bottom. Then added the thruster, My first render of an image. As you can see there is a few mistakes; the thruster just wasn't big enough to cover over the entirety of the particle effect.

      There looks to be noise issues too. it may just be the materials i used and my overall lack of knowledge on how to use them. but it's not bad.

      Still very happy with the results. and the challenge made me learn a lot more too! :D

      The scale is slightly too big as well.